PIM, MAM and cross-media solution in use at D+H Mechatronic AG

Ammersbek, February 4, 2015: D+H Mechatronic AG in Ammersbek near Hamburg is a leading premium supplier of innovative solutions for smoke and heat extraction and controlled natural ventilation, and with over 45 years' experience, a driving force in this industry. A large international network of service and sales partners delivers customer service and planning and implementation all over the world.

For product management, automated catalog production and data provision for its B2B shop, D+H opted for the PIM, MAM and cross-media solution from crossbase.

Central functions of the solution

Two-way interface to proALPHA

D+H is using the PIM, MAM and cross-media solution to maintain product information. Over 3,000 items, including around 40 fields and the product hierarchy for each item, are continuously imported from proALPHA to the PIM via the two-way interface, with sales texts then being transferred back to proALPHA.

Marketing-focused data maintenance

To use items as standard items in the catalog or on the website, they are referenced in marketing-specific product views. This view serves as the basis for print and online media. For each item a range of other product features is maintained and grouped by class according to product group, for example "electrical", "mechanical" or "dimensions". Useful information about accessories can also be maintained in the PIM for specific items. Text modules (currently in seven languages) are assigned from a document module structure to allow list texts to be automatically generated, e.g. for the performance feature text and the sales text.

Integrated image database and Illustrator production

Product photos, certificates, drawings, graphics and diagrams are managed and linked using the integrated image database. Language-specific Illustrator graphics are generated fully automatically on the basis of placeholders and text modules.

All-round solution – controlling all sales channels from one database

The multilingual product catalog of some 280 pages is automated with the help of Adobe InDesign and crossbase.print using table and layout templates. Translation is handled by the translation service provider using the translation memory system Trados.

Solution details


The application modules and further information

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