Headless CMS

A fully integrated CMS as a media service and online catalog platform

The CMS can be used as a basis platform ("headless") for the online modules (online catalog and media service). The crossbase CMS is fully integrated into the crossbase database so that all data such as product information, texts, translations, images and videos are available.

Layout control

Customized templates can be created with the CMS. The layouts can be created by an agency and implemented and adapted in the CMS without any restrictions.
Device-neutral templates and output-specific style sheets are defined for the output. This enables optimal display on desktops, smartphones and tablets with different resolutions and screen sizes.
External libraries can be integrated into the CMS for design. HTML templates, JavaScript and CSS files are stored as separate files in the crossbase database and can be easily edited or adapted with any text or HTML editor.


Central functions

Headless CMS can manage any number of domains, web projects and microsites. The content structuring can be built up flexibly through language and country releases. Integration into the overall solution means that links between the online catalog and the media service are evaluated dynamically.
Individual areas can be protected via a login and even individual images, documents or videos can be made available on an authorization-controlled basis.

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