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Online translation

Perform translations and corrections online – with TMS, DeepL & Co.

With browser-based online translation, translators and correctors in the country offices have access to translation or correction jobs. Control is provided by the translation manager. The translator can view the progress at any time, assign orders accordingly and inform the translators.

Web interface

Translation processes require a complex interaction of different users. These include product managers, layouters, translation managers, translation agencies and national companies. Since some of the actors do not work in the central network, crossbase offers a web-based interface with access to the central PIM database.

Translation and correction orders

A distinction is made between translation and correction orders. Depending on the workflow, a completed translation order can be opened again for review and correction. Access to the respective orders is via authorizations.

Efficient translation

The WYSIWYG editor is integrated into the overview table so that the texts can be edited with just one mouse click and thus translated quickly and easily.

Translating with Layout Context

Publications created with crossbase can be translated with layout context. Translators or correctors can easily see how the text is used in the layout via a PDF page provided.

DeepL Integration

With one click, texts can be translated with DeepL and inserted into the text editor. Afterwards, the texts only need to be checked, adjusted if necessary and confirmed. Even a large number of texts can be translated effectively in a short time. A DeepL Pro subscription is required for use.

Translation review with InDesign Server

For jobs with a print layout, alignment and text wrapping can be checked immediately. This is done via the integrated Adobe InDesign server in a print preview. Complex correction cycles are thus avoided.

TMS integration using COTI

The texts to be translated are exported with a mouse click from the web browser based on the COTI standard (Common Translation Interface). After translation in the TMS, the texts can also be imported back into the web frontend at the push of a button.

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