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Online catalog

The fully integrated catalog as product finder with shop functions

The module for the integration of online catalogs (optionally with dynamic product finder and shop functions) is based on the CMS platform by crossbase. This allows templates or style sheets to be modified separately. All data for the online media are prepared media-specific and up-to-date from the crossbase database – fully automatically for all countries and languages.

Individual layouts with the CMS

The user interface and the functionality of the online catalog can be individually adapted with crossbase's integrated CMS. All data for the online catalogue are currently retrieved from the PIM and MAM. On the basis of dynamic templates, they are presented in a visually attractive way - fully automatically for all countries and languages.

Flexibility in search and product selection

Navigation within the system uses a tree structure or is formed as visual navigation via graphics. A full text search is also offered. The product selection can be made via an article table or a product comparison function.

Target group-specific product information

All product information can be made available target group-specific via authorizations. This includes the display of product features, photos, invitations to tender, product links, downloads, detail pages with links to accessories, product recommendations, spare parts and the generation of PDF data sheets.

Automated export to internal and external web servers

The data required for the online catalog can be transferred automatically and time-controlled to an internal or external target system. It is also possible to automatically execute further tasks on the target system and to trigger e-mail notifications in case of problems.


Catalogs can be created for different countries and languages with a multilingual interface. Country-specific features regarding content, catalog range, numerical notation or image material are also taken into account.

Further web interfaces

As an alternative to crossbase's own online catalog, external systems can also be supplied with data. This can be done via an XML interface with an individual myXML format or a standard XML format such as BMEcat. Alternatively, REST services based on the API server can be used.

Dynamic searchbars

Using product group-specific searchbars, item quantities can be narrowed down using a multi-level search filter. The configuration and adjustment of the filters does not require any further programming. The dynamic determination of the filter criteria ensures that at least one item is found during each search process. With this product finder, the user is quickly and easily shown the optimum product based on the product features selected by him.

Login and shop functions

In addition to the inquiry-based product display, the online catalog can be expanded via login to include, among other things, a user-defined display for articles and prices. The available functions also include registration by login, account, shopping cart and order management, as well as other store functions.

CAD viewer

Via the CADClick partner module, CAD drawings for the products are displayed in a 2D or 3D view in the browser and can be downloaded in the desired formats.

PDF Datasheet Engine

Print publications can be created with Adobe InDesign or Word and assigned to the products for later download as PDF files. With the PDF data sheet engine, users can directly generate a data sheet with the current information based on the item page.

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