Online catalog

The fully integrated catalog as a dynamic product finder with shop functions

The module for the integration of online catalogs (optionally with dynamic product finder and store functions) is based on the CMS platform of crossbase. This allows for independent adaptations of templates or stylesheets. All data for the online media are processed according to the media and up-to-date from the crossbase database – automatically for all countries and languages.

How it works

The user interface and the functionality of the online catalog can be individually adapted with crossbase's integrated CMS. All data for the online catalogue are currently retrieved from the PIM and MAM. On the basis of dynamic templates, they are presented in a visually attractive way - fully automatically for all countries and languages.


In addition to the product display, the online catalog can be expanded via a login to include, among other things, a user-specific item and price display. Product information can also be made available to specific target groups via authorizations.

Providing the data

In addition to the use in the crossbase CMS, the data can also be provided for other CMS, portals and store systems - the API server with REST services is used for this purpose.

Product search and selection

The online catalog has several search functions. In addition to the full text search with auto-completion, navigation via a tree or tile structure is available. There is also a dynamic search filter for limiting the search results in the form of a facet search

Product presentation and inquiry

Up to ten products can be selected for direct comparison.
The data sheet engine enables the dynamic generation of a PDF file. The generation is done directly via a short URL with item number.
Items can be collected in a watch list. A request for quotation can easily be started for the items on the watch list.

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