With crossbase we have found a partner who understands 3D-CAD, BIM and configuration and seamlessly connects them to the PIM.

Achim Angel
Chief technology officer (CEO), KiM GmbH – Member of 4PACE

Engineering requirements

Easy provision of data of BIM and CAD formats for planners and designers



You want CAD drawings to be made available for marketing purposes and 3D CAD models with installation-relevant dimensions to be made available for you. In addition, you want to configure products based on predefined rules and visualize the result.

Your advantages with crossbase



You want easy access to CAD drawings and BIM models with a web interface. In addition, you will always need drawings in AI format that have been enriched with marketing- or product-specific data.

Your advantages with crossbase

What crossbase offers you

Automation of graphics and drawings with Illustrator

Multilingual texts or product features can be placed in Illustrator templates and then converted to other formats. This allows product-specific graphics or drawings to be generated automatically and error-free for any languages and output channels.

Seamless integration of CAD systems, 3D visualization and configurators

The crossbase partner solutions for 3D CAD component catalogs and configurators combine product information from engineering and marketing. This allows product variants to be visualized and marketed in a more targeted manner.

Provide CAD data for designers online

With the crossbase partner solution CADClick from KiM, 3D CAD models are prepared manufacturer-independently. These can then be made available to designers for use in CAD programs.

Provide BIM data for architects online

With the crossbase partner solution CADClick from KiM, BIM data, consisting of 3D CAD models and product data, are prepared manufacturer-neutral. These can then be provided in IFC format or in CAD programs for architects and planners.

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