IT system requirements

The IT-friendly system architecture - open, flexible and scalable

Our IT specialists have experience in connecting the required IT components even in complex systems such as virtualization, SAN, firewall, reverse proxy, active directory, portals and cross-location access.

All crossbase modules are based on the fully integrated crossbase database with interface to the ERP system, covering all data structures for the applications PIM, MAM and CMS with the derivations to online, print and data provision for shops, e-commerce, portals, trading partners etc. This means that all sales channels and markets can be controlled from a single data source - and therefore without an interface to third-party software. Thus an enormous simplification of work processes can be achieved.

The crossbase architecture

  • Interfaces, also bidirectional, to ERP system, TMS (Translation Memory System) and other external systems
  • Integration and connection to Adobe programs (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator) and MS Office programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Provision of data for e-commerce and shop systems, CMS (Content Management System) and mobile applications
  • Provision of data for designers and architects (CAD, BIM)

Server / Clients

Database system

Oracle database server 19c (Unicode) with Windows 2019 or Red Hat Enterprise Linux, min. 4 cores, min. 24 GB RAM and min. 300 GB hard disk space.


crossbase file server for the media files (accessible via UNC path).

Web application server

Windows 2019, min. 4 cores, min. 16 GB RAM and min. 500 GB hard disk space.

Citrix or Microsoft Terminal Server

Remote access. All crossbase applications are Citrix-certified.

Print server

Windows 2019. With load balancer for the distributed production of Adobe InDesign documents with more than 10,000 pages per year.

Desktop clients

Network-compatible, developed in C#/C++, parameters via software distribution. Basically executable under Windows (version 8, 10), an application for OS X. With connection to locally installed software from Adobe and Microsoft. For administration, data maintenance and production.

Web clients

Based on the web application server for data maintenance and translation.

Interfaces and Connections

Interface to ERP systems

SAP, Microsoft (Axapta, Navision), proALPHA, Abas, Infor LN etc.

Interface to translation systems

SDL Trados, across.

Provision of data

Files in XML/Excel format or API server with REST services.

Automation of online media

Self-developed modules for CMS, online catalog and media service.

Automation of graphics and print media

Local installation of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (CC) required.

Connection to Office

Direct insert driver for Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Oracle database system

The crossbase software solution is based on an Oracle database and includes an Embedded Software Licence (ESL) so that IT managers do not have to worry about organizational and technical details. This results in two essential advantages for your company:

Optimal system integration

The installation can be carried out according to the wishes of your IT without IT having to worry about licensing Oracle. The database can be operated either directly on a physical machine or virtualized, the number of CPUs used is unlimited. The installation can take place on any number of machines, e.g. productive server, test server, web server etc., and the use is possible by any number of users, e.g. internal users, external web users etc..

Easy administration

The IT department can easily control administrative activities via crossbase interfaces without any knowledge of Oracle. The IT department does not have to take care of maintenance itself, as the database system can be maintained by crossbase. This includes regular updates (patch set updates) and system checks (disk space usage, tablespace usage, Oracle and system log file checks, network connection tests, general checks, such as system processes and memory usage, and data backup checks).

Data hub and process monitor

Controlling data transfers and batch programs with the help of the configurable data hub is the ideal general-purpose tool for IT administrators.Learn more here ...

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