The name crossbase is program

A clearly defined focus: cross-media communication from a single database

For more than 20 years, we have focused on enabling our customers to optimize their processes around product and corporate communications and bring them to a new level of quality. In doing so, we combine innovative technologies with a deep understanding of medium-sized companies in a wide range of industries.

Using standardized project methods, we accompany our customers from analysis to support efficiently and within a given budget. The modular structure of our software allows a step-by-step introduction that is easy on capacity.

Our goal is to help our customers significantly differentiate themselves from their competitors and provide your customers with world-class experiences in the quality and speed of product information delivery.

The crossbase standard software is developed centrally at our Böblingen site - we consciously choose not to develop our products offshore. This ensures smooth and dynamic communication between the key areas of development, consulting and support to ensure a customer-focused service and short innovation cycles while maintaining high levels of software quality and usability. Recognition on the market shows us that we are heading in the right direction.

Our mission statement

Fully integrated solution

crossbase is almost the only leading provider on the market to offer a fully integrated database for PIM, MAM, CMS and Cross Media Publishing. Proven web and desktop applications offer highest usability and productivity.

Flexible configuration

All modules of our standard software are individually configurable and allow smooth continuously releasable adaptations. Data imports and data exports as well as layouts for print and online can be configured independently.

Highest customer satisfaction

crossbase relies on a step-by-step, agile project methodology that leads to success that is budget-focused and reliable in planning. Our experienced, service-oriented specialists provide you with competent support at all times.

In-depth industry knowledge

With over 50 well-known references from the fields of construction, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and building services engineering, our genes lie in industry. Successful projects with more than 60 partners confirm the good cooperation.

Investment security

crossbase grows profit-oriented, offers software "Made in Germany" as well as the highest investment security through a stable, owner-managed company with top ratings.

Constant innovation

With at least two comprehensive updates per year, we guarantee a continuous product enhancement.

Management and shareholders

Thomas Kern

Managing Director (CEO), Project Manager, Owner

Founder and responsible for project management as well as the transition of projects from sales to analysis and implementation. In doing so, he provides impulses for the strategy, the product and the strategic orientation of the company.

Albrecht Bosler

Managing Director (CTO), Owner

As founder, he is responsible for the strategic development of the software, update and release planning, and quality assurance. He maintains technical partnerships and advises customers on solutions for individual requirements.

Jochen Muffler

Managing Director (COO), partner

Responsible for consulting/support, human resources, finance and marketing. The connection between operative customer business and sustainable personnel development is the focus of his tasks. In addition, he is responsible for all marketing activities and the continuous optimization of financial processes.

Jean-René Thies

Managing Director France, Project Manager, Owner

Project Manager and Managing Partner of the French subsidiary in Besancon. His task is to look after crossbase's customers in the French-speaking market and to profitably drive the growth of crossbase SARL in France.

Herby Tessadri

Sales manager, authorized signatory, owner

As founder, he is responsible for sales and internationalization and manages the site in Wolfurt, Austria. Its objective is to offer customized solutions based on our high-performance product portfolio.

Michael Binder

Head of Consulting, Authorized Signatory

In his role as team leader in consulting, he draws on experience as a project manager in numerous PIM projects. He has outstanding expertise in data interfaces and print and media production.

Johannes Gonser

Head of Consulting, Authorized Signatory

He has been responsible for the implementation of challenging online projects for many years and, in addition to his role as head of consulting, is also responsible for strategic product management, among other things.


Niels Jankowski

Head of Consulting, Authorized Signatory

As a division manager for consulting and a consultant and project manager for many years, he has special expertise in the areas of data modeling, electronic formats and data provisioning, in addition to a large number of PIM projects.

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