D+H: Seamless connection of crossbase database to Magento

Ammersbek, 14.02.2017: D+H Mechatronic AG, headquartered in Ammersbek near Hamburg, is one of the leading premium suppliers of innovative solutions with around 50 years of experience in the field of smoke and heat ventilation in buildings. An international, comprehensive network of service and sales partners - 30 in Germany and over 100 worldwide - offers planning and execution security. Today the D+H Group has more than 500 employees.

Initial situation and goal

For over 2 years, D+H has been using the PIM/MAM and cross-media solution from crossbase with an interface to the ERP system. It manages all product and marketing information for over 5,000 items and automatically generates not only tender texts in 7 languages but also multilingual product catalogs with InDesign. The aim was to use this comprehensive and up-to-date database as a basis for e-commerce in order to avoid double maintenance.

Central functions of the solution

Connection of crossbase to Magento

D+H uses the Magento e-commerce solution as the online catalog system. For the provision of data, crossbase used the standard module for the web interface, which is based on a flexibly adaptable XML format. Data is exported (XML file plus altered media files) automatically once each night and is uploaded to the web server. Magento is then updated there.

Specific content for Magento

The navigation structure for the online catalog is already maintained in crossbase. This is achieved by adding headings and the corresponding items are linked per heading. Along with the accessories and consoles for the items that are already maintained, corresponding products can also be maintained per heading. In the context of the navigation structure, the product information that is to be issued can also be specifically defined.

The image files are already converted into a chosen format automatically in crossbase. For this purpose, top quality original files are used and converted via an adaptable template into web-capable files in PNG format with full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) placed centrally on a white background. Additionally, multi-lingual search texts are maintained in the ALT tags of each media file to optimize the image search in search engines.

The filters displayed in Magento can also be defined in the crossbase database beforehand. This is firstly very simple, and secondly ensures consistency. Each attribute that can be filtered can be displayed as a checkbox, track bar, slider or toggle. Furthermore, it can also be specified which filter is displayed in which sequence in which heading.

Country-specific content

The online catalog should be able to be used in various countries in the respective languages. As the sales program differs from country to country, it was essential that this can be specified per country. For this purpose, country-specific catalog ranges can already be created and maintained in crossbase. The navigation structure itself is not affected by this, insofar as it applies globally.

Solution details

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The application modules and further information

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