Top marks for PIM, MAM and Print Technology in the Market Performance Wheel

Böblingen, 25.01.2018: In December 2017, crossbase was valued by TGOA, THE GROUP OF ANALYSTS, as manufacturer-neutral. As crossbase offers a fully integrated solution, three areas were evaluated: PIM, MAM and Print Publishing. crossbase performed particularly well in the technology evaluation group. It was repeatedly confirmed that crossbase is one of the leading providers for PIM (Product Information Management), MAM (Media Asset Management) and Print Publishing.

Top marks for PIM, MAM and Print

PIM Function Modules and Scope

The PIM function blocks and the scope of functionality were evaluated as extremely comprehensive. This includes data maintenance structures, mass data maintenance, data quality checks and search functions. Another central area is the flexible data model with classification systems, attributes, inheritance, versioning and object dependencies. The range of functions is rounded off by text module management, languages, text editing and translation functionalities.

Output Channels

The output channels were also rated as very comprehensive. These include, for example, cross-media output structures for the print edition, CMS, web catalog, e-shop and customer-specific e-catalogs.

Solution approach and integration

The solution approach and integration were also rated as very good. This applies to interfaces to ERP systems, translation memory systems, e-commerce and CMS systems as well as to external MAM and print systems.

Basic system functions

The basic system functions were rated as very good. This concerns the user interface, rights management, performance and usability. Import and export possibilities. In addition, the workflow management and the multi-client capability.

Integrated MAM and Print Publishing

The MAM and Print Publishing modules, which are fully integrated in crossbase, also performed well. Therefore there is no need to connect third-party systems with other databases via interfaces with complex comparison processes.

With MAM, the function modules are rated as very good with regard to the data model, maintenance structures, languages and search functions.

In print publishing, templating and production are rated as very good.

Good sustainability

Completeness of the vision

The completeness of the vision was rated as very good in terms of customer demand and market knowledge.

Management team

The 5-member management team with many years of experience were also rated as good.

International orientation

The international orientation with 40% export quota (Austria, Switzerland, Benelux) as well as the market entry in France also received a good rating.

Development capacity

The development capability of our company was also rated as good. This concerns our very balanced client base with over 50 clients, a very good rating, sufficient investment assets and constant profitable growth of over 10% per year. We consider the fact that we have no capital investors to be an advantage, since we are completely free in our decisions and can concentrate on customers, employees and products.

Average market penetration

Installation base and license revenue

As a company with almost 50 employees at two locations in Germany and Austria, we cannot be reachable 7x24 hours and also cannot manage "million projects" in a short time. This is reflected in the evaluation of the installation base and the associated license revenue.

Industry and customer references

In contrast, our industry and customer references were rated as good. In 20 years, we have won the trust of very renowned medium-sized industrial customers, among others from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, building technology and construction suppliers.


Partnerships were rated as less distinct because crossbase carries out the implementation at the customer with its own personnel. In the literal sense, there are no independent integration partners, but there are now more than 60 partners, including agencies/software houses that implement online catalogs, shops and CAD functionalities on the basis of the crossbase database with direct access (API/REST). This also includes agencies that produce print catalogs for our customers using crossbase applications. We are happy to recommend these partners to others if required.

Good ability to execute

Company size

Here again our company size with a little less than 50 employees has an effect on the number of points.

Project quality

The project quality, on the other hand, performs well. This includes project planning and execution, customer evaluations and employee competencies. This is based on our very mature project methodology and extremely experienced project managers as well as the good customer references.

Software deployment

Software deployment also performs well. These include software conception (not tool-based), IT platform (Oracle only, no SQL server), update capabilities and software delivery, quality assurance, change and configuration management as well as test procedures and monitoring. Over the years, crossbase has developed very efficient and effective procedures for testing and delivery and provides comprehensive information on this in an online customer portal.


The support also achieves good marks. Short response times and prompt troubleshooting, customer-specific training and detailed user documentation. E-Learning is still in its infancy and we do not offer 24/7 support.