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06 + 07-04-2022
eCatalog Conference

St. Wendel

29-03 – 31-03-2022
e-marketing Paris

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07-06-2022 + 07-07-2022
eCatalog Conference

Vorarlberg – Austria

09-21-2022-+ 09-22-2022
eCatalog Conference


Latest news

8 Dec 2021
COLTENE implements new online media library with crossbase

With the new Media Library, we can provide all media from the PIM system – authorization-controlled, around the clock and in the required format. The time-consuming manual response to such requests can thus be completely eliminated.
Michael Riener
Creative Director & Manager DTP, Coltène/Whaledent AG
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5 Jul 2021
Website at is enriched with product information via crossbase API server

The API server offers us maximum flexibility for distributing our centrally maintained product information. In addition to the connection of ERP and CRM, daily updated product data with texts, images, documents, etc. can now be automatically provided for our website.
Anja Mahler
Head of Communication and Global Marketing, MOBILE GmbH
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14 Jun 2021
RAFI uses the crossbase Excel configurator to provide data for the TraceParts portal

The data export to TraceParts enables the approximately 4.3 million registered engineers and designers to access our components and the respective 3D data. This enables us to increase the reach of our portfolio enormously.
Niko Maucher
Product Manager, RAFI GmbH & Co. KG
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31 May 2021
KS TOOLS SAS uses the crossbase API to provide data for new online store

Thanks to all its functionality and universality, the crossbase solution was a key driving force in transforming our corporate website into a true, powerful e-commerce tool.
Benjamin Juster
Product Data Manager, KS TOOLS SAS
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17 May 2021
Successful implementation of crossbase PIM at Günther Spelsberg GmbH & Co. KG

With crossbase, we have raised the quality of our product data to a new level and significantly reduced the effort for data provision, translation and production of print media.
Ilka Werkshagen
Marketing and Project Manager PIM, Günther Spelsberg GmbH & Co. KG
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29 Apr 2021
TRIXIE creates catalogs in twelve languages with crossbase

The translation process with the web interface at the European partners has simplified the workflow for us enormously. In this way, the translations could be carried out directly in the system and then automatically transferred to the catalogs.
Helge Kunst
IT managers,
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5 Apr 2021
Print publishing and store connection via API with the crossbase PIM system at FAIE

Data maintenance in the web frontend enables simple and targeted access to article maintenance. The provision of data for the store and the high degree of automation – even for complex print layouts – enable us to always provide up-to-date, high-quality product communication in all media.
Lisa Wiesauer
Head of shipping, warehouse and product management, FAIE Handelsgesellschaft mbH
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22 Mar 2021
New online store at Weyland Steiner with API connection to crossbase-PIM

Thanks to the flexible data provision and transfer of the PIM data via API server into the Shopify system, we were able to implement the e-commerce project in the shortest possible time. In addition, the provision of product information of the highest quality and up-to-dateness optimally supports our customers in their product selection.
Dominik Fimberger
Marketing / advertising / e-Commerce, Weyland Steiner Handwerks- & Industriebedarf GmbH & Co KG
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4 Mar 2021
InDesign plugin for transparent content tracking in use at COLTENE

Thanks to the new InDesign plug-in from crossbase, we can easily and securely fulfill the requirement to trace all regulatory important content of our products back to the source at any time in all publications.
Michael Riener
Creative Director & Manager DTP, Coltène/Whaledent AG
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24 Aug 2020
Walser online shop with Tecdoc and product data from the crossbase PIM system

By merging all product and Tecdoc data in the crossbase PIM system, correlations can be created automatically, which offer the customer decisive added value when selecting products.
Jasmin Kühne
Graphics / E-Media Team, WALSER GmbH
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