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Personal contacts, guaranteed solution times and two releases per year

As soon as you start with us, we go through a tried and tested process together. Our aim is for you to be able to use crossbase for your product communication as quickly as possible.

Your project manager will guide you through our onboarding program. You will be supported by our application consultants. You will also get to know your future contacts, who will be at your side after implementation. And they will get to know you: Your products, your processes, your wishes and goals. So you can be sure that you will continue to receive quick and uncomplicated help with any questions or new requirements in the future.

Service - where you need it

We have designed our software solution so that you can make adjustments without our help. We want you to decide for yourself how much support you want.

Premium service in all project phases and after go-live

With many providers, personal support unfortunately ends when the system goes live. From then on, the customer communicates with call centers, chatbots and ticket systems. This costs you time and slows you down. crossbase offers you excellent service at every stage of our collaboration.


Personal support from project managers and application consultants

Indirect communication costs you time and slows you down. That's why we attach particular importance to personal support. Your contact partners are available for you personally.

Guaranteed solution times for all support cases

Our developers are just a few steps away from your personal contact. This allows us to process support cases quickly and easily. We guarantee you that!

Two major releases per year

crossbase is continuously developed by us. Many of our customers' requirements are integrated into the software solution. This means that all crossbase users benefit directly from innovations.

Your contact persons


Niels Jankowski


Michael Binder


Johannes Gonser


Sebastian Seiz

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