ERP interface

Use information from the ERP system for e-commerce and marketing

crossbase is an open system and has an XML standard interface for importing data from upstream systems. Data such as item numbers, brief texts and prices can be imported into the PIM database automatically at defined times. Furthermore, data requiring maintenance in the PIM system can also be transferred back into the ERP system.

Data interface to the ERP system

Thanks to numerous successfully completed projects, we have extensive experience in connecting a wide range of ERP systems (including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, proALPHA and Infor LN). Furthermore, manual data imports from Excel can be easily performed.
In addition to the import of ERP data, item-related data can be transferred from crossbase back to the ERP system.

Data from the ERP system

The ERP system is mainly used as a source of item numbers, master data, main texts, product hierarchies, product ranges, etc. and prices. In addition, the product status is transmitted, i.e. the information whether the product is released for sale or not.

Import of the master data

The import of the master data into the product database takes place either as a complete nightly import or as an on-demand web service. XML is used as the exchange format.

Record types for data import

The so-called record types are files with a specific structure for data import. In the workshops, these file templates are developed step by step on the basis of actual data. The record types are used for the initial import of the structures and product information and to implement the ERP-PIM interface for the ongoing operation.
The data import module can be controlled manually or automatically. A log is created after each import. It is also possible to validate the data before importing it.

The eCommerce cycle

Business partners and portals increasingly demand product data as electronic catalogs in standard formats. The permanent ERP interface guarantees the consistency of incoming order data with the current master data.
The e-commerce cycle begins with the ERP system, which transfers item master data to the crossbase database. In crossbase, the media files and texts useful for the marketing is completed and the enriched data is made available to portals, sales sites and business partners. This circuit is essential to ensure that the data stocks are synchronized and that orders based on them can be carried out securely.

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