Channel output management

Control sales channels for e-commerce and print according to demand

The demands on manufacturers and retailers regarding eCommerce sales channels and market-specific communication are constantly increasing. The crossbase solution offers comprehensive channel output management, enabling electronic sales channels such as stores, websites, portals and retail partners to be served optimally. Print media can also be generated in a market-specific manner.


This market-specific labeling is evaluated in the media according to the setting, e.g. country-specific, business country, business area or target group. Country-specific localization allows the placement of country-specific images and texts or the management of country- and market-specific item numbers. Each language-country combination can be assigned a specific dictionary for hyphenation in InDesign The number formatting can be defined country-specific and numbers via formulas can be converted automatically.

Market-specific assortments

Each media and sales channel is based on this assortment, which varies according to the market. The catalog structure can be maintained globally and customized locally. Assortments can be managed market-specifically per medium, country and customer. Assortment creation is optimally supported by mass processing functions. It is also possible to import assortments from the ERP system. 

Market-specific price lists

Price lists are often imported from the ERP system, which differ in currency, validity and market. A market can be a country or just a single customer. Price lists can contain any price data up to quantity-dependent graduated prices. 

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