Stehle launches nexMart business-to-business platform with data from crossbase PIM and crossmedia solution

Horb am Neckar, 17/06/2011: A global partner to specialist dealers, Stehle has been developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality woodworking tools for the trade for over 90 years. Its catalog range includes circular saw blades, drills and shank-type cutters including HS, tungsten carbide and diamond-tipped cutters.

Stehle joined the nexMart business-to-business platform in June 2011. nexMart GmbH & Co. KG is a central eBusiness service provider and consultant for electronic communication between suppliers, dealers and customers. The company operates, an online portal for the tools, hardware, ironware, timber, garden tools and technical supplies industries in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Even the best platform is useless without high-quality product information in electronic format. For its product database, Stehle uses the crossbase PIM and crossmedia solution, which also automatically generates the Stehle product catalog. Because the database is media-neutral, the data can also be made available in nexMart format using a standard interface.

The nexMart interface is a flexibly configurable standard module for eBusiness from crossbase. It contains detailed product information such as product hierarchy, images, documents, product features, advertising copy and accessories. The crossbase solution can be linked quickly and easily to the nexMart portal using the preconfigured interface. This allowed Stehle to get up and running on nexMart in just two weeks.

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