RAFI eCatalog now also available in Chinese

With the flexible translation tools by crossbase, the translation requirements for the eCatalog can be determined exactly and the texts are exported in the desired format. The translated texts can be imported with just a few mouse clicks and immediately checked internally in the eCatalog.

Moritz Futterer
Product Manager, RAFI GmbH & Co. KG

Berg / Ravensburg, 11.25.2019:Founded in 1900 as "Elektrotechnisches Institut", the company today develops and produces electromechanical components such as push buttons and switches, operating systems such as touch screens as well as electronic assemblies and systems for human-machine communication. The international company also has its own EMS division and is one of the largest electronics contract manufacturers in Germany. RAFI products are used in many industries, e.g. in electrical medicine, mechanical engineering, road and rail vehicles, household appliances and telecommunications. The RAFI Group operates worldwide with approx. 2,500 employees at locations in Germany, Europe, China and the USA. The headquarters of the RAFI Group is located in Berg near Ravensburg.

Central functions of the solution

Export profiles tailored to requirements

With the tools integrated in crossbase, all texts in the PIM system can be translated. For the translation of the eCatalog, export profiles have been configured that are tailored exactly to this output channel. The texts are made available to the translators in the source language in XML or XLIFF format (SDL Trados).

Exact determination of the translation requirements

Only texts without translations and texts marked for resubmission are exported. Recurring text modules only need to be created and translated once. This ensures a uniform language, avoids duplication of work and leads to a considerable reduction in translation costs.

Easy import and visual control

The translated texts can be transferred to the PIM database simply by drag & drop. A formal check is performed when the texts are imported. A visual check can also be carried out in the eCatalog before making it available on the Internet.

Solution details

Online catalog

The application modules and further information

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