Control data transfers easily and clearly with the new crossbase module

Böblingen, 23.12.2022: crossbase has a new base module. A tool specifically for IT administrators is presented under the name "Data Hub and Process Monitor".

The configurable data hub can be used to control data transfers and batch programs. The log information is visually displayed on a cockpit interface.

The way it works is simple: "Jobs" are created, consisting of individual "Tasks". 
For each job to be executed, triggers are defined which start it. In addition, conditions can be defined and notifications can be sent in case of errors.

The following example of a daily data export for a website can be used to illustrate the process:

  • At 1:00 AM (trigger) the job "Update website" should start.

  • This job consists (in simple terms) of the tasks "Determine the media files", "Archive the files", "Transfer the files to the web hoster"

  • Subsequently, the job "Data input website" is triggered at the web host, which consists of the tasks "Unpack files" and "Import files". A job can thus also be a trigger for another job.

  • Now the condition can be set that this job is to be executed only from Monday to Friday. In addition, in the event of an error, the marketing manager can be alerted per e-mail.


All jobs, triggers etc. can be created by the IT administrator according to his needs. This enables a variety of possible automations that ultimately save time and resources.

The process monitor (cockpit) provides a visual overview of all actions. Results from logs over selected time periods can also be viewed and reviewed here.


Interface of crossbase.cockpit