Relaunch of Meusburger website and shop with the CMS of crossbase

Clarity and user-friendliness are the two maxims of the new Meusburger portal. Website, online shop and media service should be realized with one system and uniform layout. With the CMS from crossbase and the flexible dynamic functions, we were able to successfully implement these requirements.

Reinhard Sutterlüty
Communication / Online media, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Wolfurt, 19 Januar 2018: The Meusburger Group is the leading international manufacturer of high-quality standard parts, hot runner and control systems and selected items in workshop equipment. More than 17,500 customers all over the world make use of the numerous advantages of standardization and benefit from the company's experience in working with steel gained over more than 50 years. The permanent availability of products makes the Meusburger Group the reliable and global partner for die, mold, jigs and fixtures construction.

Central functions of the solution

Relaunch of website, customer portal and shop

The Meusburger website has been completely revamped and now offers a modern, responsive layout. “Clarity and user-friendliness are the two principles underlying the new Meusburger portal,” says Reinhard Sutterlüty, who is responsible for online communication. The website, shop and all functions have been optimized for displaying on all end devices, ranging from desktop computers to smartphones, with more than 20 languages on offer.

The website provides information on the company and an extensive careers area. This enables potential new hires to apply for advertised positions easily and online. The positions available are entered into the CMS and the applications are fully automatically processed in the BMD software, which makes it possible for applications to be processed and a response sent out without delay even in the event of a high level of traffic.

The editorial section is rounded off with a dynamic trade fair, news and media area.The new website centers around the “my account” customer portal and the online shop for workshop equipment ( click here ). Through web services, the customer portal is linked to middleware provided by hannex which transmits the transactions to Navision. Following registration or after login, the customer has access to all inquiries or orders and stored account data. The auto-complete item search makes it possible to quickly find individual items and place them in the shopping cart. Alternatively, customers can navigate through the product range using the classic navigation or a visual tile arrangement. Product selection is supported by customizable filter parameters (such as product features, special offers, new products).

On the product information pages, images of the products and all textual information are displayed clearly in the form of tabs. This includes general product information, downloads, accessories, product recommendations, explanatory videos and technology tips. The technology tips are maintained in the CMS and can be easily linked to any product – this demonstrates the strengths achieved by integrating CMS and PIM. The central element of the product page consists of the item table with the technical data as well as sorting and filter options. This makes it possible to find and order items quickly or submit an inquiry.

The technology behind it all

The website and shop are completely integrated into each other thanks to the deployment of the CMS and the PIM from crossbase. This means that all crossbase functions, such as the translation process and the MAM, can be used and that all product information is kept up-to-date and made available to the website and shop at all times without any further interfaces. For external access, the website is hosted by an Internet service provider on a highly available external system. The middleware itself has been installed in Meusburger's data center and is directly linked to it via web services – this provides the benefit of confidential customer data being stored securely in the company's own network.

The application modules and further information

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