Four months after the start, MAX FRANK creates the first automated price list with crossbase

We wanted to come to a result quickly and prepared the introduction well. In cooperation with crossbase, we specified our expectations, implemented the solution and thus reached the desired goal on schedule.

Julia Multhammer
Marketing Officer | Marketing Professional, Max Frank GmbH und Co. KG

Böblingen, 05-14-2020 For more than half a century MAX FRANK has been developing, producing and selling a large number of proven products for concrete and reinforced concrete construction. With a technically sophisticated and intensive integration of industrial production, high-quality products and a wide range of services, the company reliably supports its customers in all construction phases.

When introducing crossbase as a PIM system, MAX FRANK and crossbase have shown what is possible through good cooperation and excellent planning. Within only four months, the requirements were researched, the data were transferred from the ERP system to the crossbase database and the productive phase was started. Thus, the first price lists could be created automatically via crossbase directly after the training courses on data maintenance and print production.

MAX FRANK benefited from the modular structure of the crossbase solution and was thus able to implement an optimal solution quickly. In the first step the focus was only on the print sector. However, a gradual extension to other areas or crossbase modules is already planned.

The production of the 202-page price list via crossbase uses many advantages of the crossbase solution:

Central functions of the solution

Automated production of complex tables

The automation of many functions simplifies the creation of complex tables and thus saves an enormous amount of time. It is possible to produce tables on consecutive pages and matrix tables with variant items. Automated creation of editorial pages with text and images has also been used. The automated creation of editorial page sections with text and images was used likewise.

Automated creation of PDF links

PDF bookmarks are created via the headings and subheadings. The table of contents with cross-references allows to get directly to the product in the PDF via the page numbers. Cross-references in the continuous text are also taken into account.

Easy translation process with crossbase.trans

The use of the module crossbase.trans allows for an easy determination of the translation demand and offers various possibilities for the integration of a translation agency. The price list, which has been published in German so far, is to be translated with crossbase and will be produced in further language versions in the future.

Solution details

The application modules and further information

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