Print publishing and store connection via API with the crossbase PIM system at FAIE

Data maintenance in the web frontend enables simple and targeted access to item maintenance. The provision of data for the store and the high degree of automation – even for complex print layouts – enable us to always provide up-to-date, high-quality product communication in all media.

Lisa Wiesauer
Head of shipping, warehouse and product management, FAIE Handelsgesellschaft mbH

04-05-2021, Regau: FAIE-Handelsgesellschaft mbH has been in existence since 1964 and has been serving the agricultural industry for over 50 years. Today FAIE offers the most comprehensive mail order program in this field in Europe with its catalog of more than 750 pages. The FAIE catalog is the reference work for every farmer in the German-speaking world. FAIE is one of the leading mail order companies in the agricultural sector.

Central functions of the solution

Easy data preparation for print and store with the web frontend

For the maintenance and preparation of product information, FAIE uses the web frontend of crossbase, which provides product managers with easy and efficient access to product data maintenance, both centrally and decentrally. Currently, ten product managers at FAIE are working with the web frontend on various product areas. Defined workflows and completeness checks can be used to quickly identify and add product data to existing data from the ERP. The items can then be assigned to the desired assortments and output channels via Channel Output Management.

For the online store, item information such as features, texts and media files are transferred to the FAIE store (Shopware) using the API interface (JSON/REST). This is done in a nightly cycle for the country-specific stores for the countries, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland as well as in the languages German and Polish.


Data maintenance in the web browser at FAIE Handelsgesellschaft mbH with web application server and web frontend

Automated production of the main catalog with over 750 pages

The extensive print catalog with freely designed layout is created completely automatically with the crossbase print tools. To do this, the product managers assign the appropriate products to the desired page ranges and assortments in a first step, so that the layouters can carry out the design in the next step.

All print publications at FAIE, such as catalogs, brochures, and flyers, are created with a freely designed layout completely automatically with the crossbase print tools. In the process, daily updated prices (gross prices, promotional prices, etc.) from the ERP system can be updated quickly and easily with just a few mouse clicks until shortly before going to press.

The print catalogs are also made available online as browsable catalogs (OSG Elkat). For this purpose, country-specific URLs for the FAIE Shop are placed on the item numbers in the print production process, which then allow to find the product directly in the online store in the page-turning catalog.

Solution details

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