crossbase integrates DeepL into its Release 5

Boeblingen, 01.09.2018: The crossbase Release 5 has been released a few months ago. One of the new features is the integration of the DeepL translation service.DeepL is an online machine translation service. It learns independently from existing translations and thus delivers outstanding results. DeepL currently speaks seven languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

With the integration into Release 5, mass translations of any texts are possible. Whether product descriptions, descriptions of product features, marketing texts for the website or catalogue texts such as headlines and introductory chapter texts - everything is translated quickly and easily into the desired language. To do this, use the familiar applications such as, crossbase.trans or crossbase.web. With one click the automatic translation of DeepL is inserted, which only needs to be checked and confirmed. Mass translations of a large number of texts are also completed quickly.

A DeepL Pro subscription is required. An existing subscription can also be used for crossbase.


DeepL integration into the web applications of crossbase