crossbase and SPIRIT/21 integrate PIM information in SharePoint portal

Böblingen, 10.06.2016: In a joint project with SPIRIT/21 AG, also based in the Softwarezentrum Böblingen-Sindelfingen, crossbase has implemented a system to query and display information from the PIM system in a SharePoint portal.

Integration of dynamic HTML templates in the SharePoint portal

To display product information with SharePoint, crossbase created an HTML template which was then adapted by SPIRIT/21 to allow it to be integrated in the SharePoint portal and used to retrieve product information. The template can be given any layout and is displayed without any constraints in the SharePoint environment.

Querying product information via the API server

The querying of product information via the JSON/REST interface on the crossbase API server was implemented for the pilot project. To perform a query, the user accesses the product area via a link in the SharePoint portal. The system then displays a list of all available items. Users can perform a search to filter the listed items.

They can click on the required item to display it in a detail view window. In this window, the system displays all the item's technical features, texts (e.g. the product description, assembly instructions, etc.), images (product pictures, pictures relating to use, etc.) and downloads (e.g. a PDF document of the relevant page from the print catalog, certificates etc.). This ensures that all SharePoint users with the appropriate privileges can access all the product information they need, at all times.

Benefits and advantages:

  • Product information can be supplied to all SharePoint users in a simple way, with the content precisely defined.
  • The product information is presented using the corporate design
  • Access can be controlled using SharePoint privileges
  • Decentral access via a web browser – like in an online catalog