crossbase Cloud Services

With the cloud services or the classic "on premise" installation, crossbase can be flexibly used for all needs.

Albrecht Bosler
CTO, crossbase mediasolution GmbH

Böblingen, 14.09.2022: The change in digitalization means that, in addition to the classic IT installation in the in-house or external data center, installation in a cloud environment is also becoming increasingly important.
The crossbase solution can be operated in both environments according to customer requirements. 

Advantages of the solutions


Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Ongoing support, maintenance and updates are carried out by crossbase, therefore no IT resources are required.
  • No investment necessary, easily calculable monthly operating costs up to hourly billing ("pay as you go").

Cloud installation

  • Scalable, flexible infrastructure.
  • High availability for users operating worldwide.


Individual approach

How the solutions are to be operated in the company is decided by the company. 


crossbase can be operated in the cloud. If the company already uses its own cloud services, crossbase can be seamlessly integrated there. For example, the proximity to the ERP system or existing system licenses from Adobe and Microsoft can be used.


Of course, it is still possible to install "on premise" in order to use the resources and IT structures available within the company.

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