The crossbase PIM, MAM and cross-media solution in use at CREATON

Wertingen, 10/01/2013: CREATON AG, based in Wertingen near Augsburg, is one of Germany's largest manufacturers of clay roof tiles. The company is the market leader in the field of plain tiles and one of the leading manufacturers of pressed roofing tiles in Europe. More than 1000 people work in 17 factories at 10 locations. The Belgian Etex Group is the majority shareholder in Creaton AG.

Central functions of the solution


An individual PIM and crossmedia solution was implemented for CREATON on the basis of the crossbase standard software. Items are created in crossbase in the product structure. The products are then maintained with technical product features, text and extensive product relationships. Images, e.g. product and reference property photos and company-specific photos, are maintained in the integrated MAM (along with image usage rights and keywords) and assigned to the products. Since most of the product information is maintained at product group level, the inheritance concept is used to transfer it to the item.

Automated print production

These country-specific catalog price lists are produced automatically via crossbase and Adobe InDesign with the country variants being controlled via the catalog range. Since the layout of the price list tables is very complex (they are matrix tables with grouping attributes on fold-out pages and prices inserted with cell composition) and complete automation was needed, an individual software function was integrated. The positioning of product photos within the product tables can also be changed in InDesign and saved back permanently to the database.

The layout of the image pages is undertaken manually and these pages are also saved with the two-way crossbase/InDesign integration for updates and subsequent language changes.

crossbase supplies the data required for internal systems: SAP in the first instance and other systems later on. XML / Excel files and media files are prepared for this purpose at the touch of a button or automatically. The product information is also made available for use in Word and PowerPoint.

Solution details


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The application modules and further information

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