The crossbase PIM, MAM and cross-media solution for use at Wöhner

Rödental, 11/03/2013: With technical top-class performances in electrical engineering, the Wöhner group has been shaping the future of energy distribution and control energy for over 80 years. With 10 subsidiaries, a joint venture and an extensive network of representatives in Germany and abroad, expert contact persons are available on-site in almost 80 countries. To automate market-specific print and online catalogs, Wöhner opted for the PIM, MAM and cross-media solution from crossbase. In addition, a substantial amount of multilingual product information is maintained in the PIM system in a media-neutral form.

Central functions of the solution

Initial data import and data maintenance

The database and web servers were installed in Rödental, Germany - accessibility for employees from various sites and graphic designers with Apple systems access it via Citrix. The solution is built on the transfer of data from an existing product database. All sales items with existing product data were imported into the PIM system via this connection. In the future, the products will be created manually in the PIM system and then enriched with features (logistical, technical, licensing-relevant), product relationships (e.g. accessories, successor items), images, documents and text and depicted in the various product views for different markets and media.

Automation of print production and translation

The 250 page product catalog is being published in 8 languages including Russian and Chinese. The product handbook with a sophisticated layout and many cross-references (e.g. for accessories and dimensions) is issued automated via crossbase and Adobe InDesign. It includes various item indexes (e.g. approvals, alloy ratios) and a price update. The highlight is the individual tables, where cells can be can be coloured completely automatically due to context links in the data. Automated tools for calculating numeric values and for generating multilingual texts, which consist of characteristics and text modules as well as the standardised translation process with TMS support, are very helpful for Wöhner.

Automation of online catalog

The online catalog is based on CMS by crossbase and is incorporated into a Typo3 website. The catalog range can be controlled online and for specific countries.

Solution details


The application modules and further information

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