Walser online shop with Tecdoc and product data from the crossbase PIM system

By merging all product and Tecdoc data in the crossbase PIM system, correlations can be created automatically, which offer the customer decisive added value when selecting products.

Jasmin Kühne
Graphics / E-Media Team, WALSER GmbH

08-24-20, Hohenems: WALSER has been manufacturing and selling high-quality products in the field of car equipment, safety and comfort for over 40 years. Thanks to its longstanding and leading presence in the market and a worldwide network of suppliers and partners, WALSER's customer structure is broad and extremely complex. Starting with stationary retail trade, through large retail chains to private end customers in the WALSER Shop and other online customer connections, everything is included. In order to correctly supply this complex customer structure with current product information, pictures, prices, etc., crossbase was created as a central platform.

Central functions of the solution

Merging of proALPHA and Tecdoc data in the PIM system

More than 4,000 items are regularly imported with basic, packaging and price data via the XML interface of proALPHA. In the crossbase database, the items are additionally maintained with technical features, CAD data and product relations, e.g. for cross-selling. In addition, Tecdoc data (a format for cross-manufacturer classification and description of vehicles) is prepared for the PIM system.

Regular updates of the vehicle structure with over 40,000 vehicle models are carried out via an interface. The data of the online shop is then updated nightly, so that customers always have access to the latest product information.

Selection of suitable items in the online shop about the vehicle model

By means of a rule-based configurator, Walser is able to carry out the assignment of the items to the vehicle models automatically. This is the basis for searching for suitable items in the online shop via the vehicle.

One such third-party system is, for example, the Productfinder for determining a suitable car cover in the online shop. The customer simply selects the brand and model of his car and all matching covers are displayed directly.

Solution details

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The application modules and further information

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