New RAFI eCatalog with over 5,000 components

The crossbase database model has a flexible and stringent structure. It can be used to map highly sophisticated data structures and correlations. In this way, we were able to successfully implement all the requirements for the functionality of the RAFI eCatalog.

Moritz Futterer
Product Manager, RAFI GmbH & Co. KG

Berg / Ravensburg, 03-04-2019: The company founded in 1900 as "Elektrotechnisches Institut" develops and produces electromechanical components such as buttons and switches, operating systems such as touch screens and keyboards as well as electronic assemblies and systems for human-machine communication. RAFI products are used in many industries, e.g. in electrical medicine, mechanical engineering, road and rail vehicles, household appliances and telecommunications. The RAFI Group operates worldwide with approx. 2,500 employees at locations in Germany, Europe, China and the USA. The headquarters of the RAFI Group is located in Berg near Ravensburg.

Central functions of the solution

Full integration of PIM system and online catalog

The online catalog is created using the CMS, which is fully integrated into the PIM system and thus ensures maximum reliability, up-to-dateness and data consistency. The completely newly developed online catalog offers a modern, responsive layout for optimal presentation on desktop PCs, tablet PCs and smartphones. To start, the eCatalog can be called up in German and English. Further languages will follow.

Flexible and fast item selection

Various search and filter tools are available for item selection. The user can choose to find suitable items via an established product structure with visual support through product images or intelligent feature filters. When filtering using defined characteristics, these are restricted dynamically according to the available result set, so that the user is guided unerringly to the suitable items. Alternatively, an item number search with automatic completion or a full text search can be used.

Characteristic filter with consideration of product links

Using the dynamic filter tools, items can also be found via characteristics that are only present in linked items. To map this extended search function, the properties of the linked item are transferred to the main item via a link type.

For example, the user can filter a illuminated pushbutton using characteristics that are only available on the corresponding switching elements. After selecting the desired pushbutton, the corresponding switching elements are displayed on the item page. In this way, both pre-fabricated combinations of pushbuttons and switching elements as well as freely combinable individual parts can be taken into account via a uniform feature set when selecting products.


Filtering of illuminated pushbuttons via the "Connection" feature, which is only available on the appropriate switching elements.

Items with extensive product information and watch list

A variety of product information is displayed for the individual components. This includes tabular technical data, drawings, product descriptions, a 3D viewer integrated into the browser, downloads with instructions, CAD/STEP files and brochures as well as product videos embedded via YouTube. The item information is rounded off with product relationships such as optional accessories.

In addition to the view in the web browser, the user can create a PDF data sheet with all available product information as well as clickable links from the website and save it locally. Via a watch list, products can be reserved for an enquiry and, if necessary, requested. The enquiries will then be answered by RAFI distributors.

Solution details

Online catalog

The application modules and further information

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