Always up-to-date data in the online catalog with minimal maintenance effort

With the crossbase API, we can now deliver the product information from the PIM to our website even better. This means that the online catalog is always up to date with minimal effort.
Tom Ruegenberg
Marketing, Gebr. Kemper GmbH + Co. KG

Böblingen, 13.02.2024: KEMPER has been working successfully with the crossbase software solution for many years. Projects to further optimize the application and make even better use of it are constantly arising. In this case, the crossbase API interface was implemented at KEMPER.

Initial situation

Kemper used an XML interface based on BMECat to transfer product information from the crossbase PIM to the website and the online catalog it contained. As part of a redesign, the online agency TWT was commissioned to design and implement the new website. The decision was made to replace the previous BMECat interface with the API interface from crossbase.

The FirstSpirit content management system (CMS) used by Kemper is connected via REST API services from crossbase. All relevant product information is managed accordingly in the crossbase PIM and MAM and then transferred to the CMS on a time-controlled basis.

The product information from the crossbase database is output in the online catalog. This includes in particular

  • Technical product features
  • Product texts, product image, technical drawing
  • Additional images, documents, etc.
  • Reference to existing standards and approvals
  • Links, e.g. to the portal, these are also generated dynamically

For texts, KEMPER uses the option of text generation, e.g. for product description texts. These are broken down into individual document modules, which can then be used for various products. This minimizes the translation effort, as the text modules only need to be translated once.

Country management is carried out via crossbase's Channel Output Management (COM). This generates product ranges and price lists for specific markets and countries.


  • The interface is based on modern REST-API technology, the current standard interface format
  • Individual adaptations are easy to implement and the API services can be customized
  • Language and country control is possible
  • The API interface can also be used for other systems


Solution details


Product group view in the online catalog


Product view: Summary with photos and graphics


Product view: The product features are generated from text modules. The texts for the links are also generated in crossbase. The database also provides graphics, features, etc.


The crossbase solution also maps product relationships, such as spare parts and accessories, and delivers them to the online catalog

Website | Online catalog

The application modules and further information

The KEMPER company

KEMPER is a global market leader in the fields of building technology, casting technology and rolled products. The central company headquarters and production site in Olpe is supported by sales offices in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the United States, China and Singapore.

The core business is expanded by affiliated subsidiaries. In the area of rolled products, this is Profiltech Stufenbandprofile GmbH in Keltern, which manufactures high-precision profiled strips. The planning expertise in building technology is rounded off by Dendrit Haustechnik-Software GmbH in Dülmen.

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