FLEX uses nexmart to provide retail partners with product information

With the crossbase solution, FLEX delivers product information optimally to nexmart and thus to the connected retailers

It's a question that every manufacturer faces: How can I provide my retail partners with product information easily, quickly, completely and always up to date? In the production connection trade, nexmart is exactly the right partner for this. For this reason, many manufacturers now work with the nexmart solution to provide their trading partners with optimum product information.

nexmart simplifies digital communication between manufacturers and retail partners

nexmart is a provider of various solutions for the production connection trade and related sectors, with the aim of simplifying communication between manufacturers and trading partners.

The nexmart solutions aim to automate, optimize and accelerate processes - taking into account the existing systems of manufacturers and trading partners. Both manufacturers and their trading partners benefit from nexmart's experience in production connection trading, which is why the large dealer network is constantly growing. nexmart is not only represented in Germany but also internationally.

FLEX provides trading partners with product information

FLEX power tools are used by numerous tradesmen and are sold via specialist dealers. It therefore makes sense to provide specialist dealers with product information and other information, such as product availability, as conveniently as possible. The integration of the "retail Connect" solution also enables FLEX to operate an online store on its own website and forward the shopping cart to a specialist retailer. This is convenient for FLEX customers and fits in with FLEX's sales model, which does not provide for direct sales.

crossbase enables companies to provide their product information in the best possible way

Thanks to the use of the crossbase solution, FLEX has access to high-quality product information. This enables FLEX to provide all relevant information for the respective nexmart products without any detours. The standard interface between crossbase and nexmart ensures that the full potential of nexmart products can be utilized.

The interface is used to transfer the current product range, the "Best of FLEX" promotional program, the FLEXPack and spare parts data. If new products are added or existing content is changed, the data is automatically updated at nexmart. Thanks to the up-to-dateness and quality of the data, the interface also supports Flex's EDI processes at nexmart to ensure error-free order processing.


The interaction between FLEX, crossbase and nexmart provides optimal product information that is displayed to the retail partners and thus ultimately delivers considerable benefits for the end customer. The automation and optimization of these processes helps FLEX to save time and costs.