Agence Reügo produces catalog for KS TOOLS SAS with crossbase's PIM, MAM and cross-media solution

Mommenheim, 01.14.2016: KSTOOLS is an industrial manufacturer of professional hand tools. A European group, with subsidiaries in France, Germany and Italy, it has a product range of more than 23,000 items. KSTOOLS selects the best manufacturing plants in the world to guarantee the exceptional quality of its products. Subsidiaries, exclusive importers and dealers represent the group in more than 110 countries. KSTOOLS operates in the automotive, industrial and agricultural sectors and also in the industries associated with the construction sector. Reügo is a communications agency with 13 years experience. It is responsible for producing print and online media for KS TOOLS SAS.

Central functions of the solution

Automating the production of two catalogs containing a total of 1,300 pages

Two Reügo employees attended a 5-day training course in May 2014, and using the knowledge they gained there, they were, for the first time, able to produce the catalogs for KS TOOLS SAS from the database automatically. For Reügo, this was a "revolution", as Mr. Dieffenbronn explained. Previously, the catalogs were created manually, which took a great deal of effort. At that time, the main problem was actually acquiring the huge amount of product information required and then agreeing how it was to be presented on the pages with the product managers at KS Tools. Using crossbase, we can now access the existing database so the product information can be prepared centrally. It can then be extracted automatically in a predefined layout.

Country-specific adjustments

The content of the catalog range for KS TOOLS SAS differs from the centrally maintained catalog range by about 20%. For this reason, some items in the database have additional information, which is provided from data in the SAP System. Existing product information is either translated or localized. The data maintenance tool KS TOOLS SAS uses for this purpose has a range of tailored access rights. Textual information can often simply just be translated. However, some texts or image information must be localized to suit country-specific requirements. For example, bullet point texts are made shorter, sequences are changed, or additional images are inserted, to better match the requirements of customers in France.

Database-based production

KS TOOLS SAS's catalogs for the industrial and automotive sectors run to between 600 and 700 pages. In the 3-column layout used in these catalogs, the text flow in blocks of information automatically breaks at the end of a page. Each block of information has a title, a bullet point list, a list of technical characteristics (sometimes displayed separately), and one or more photos, for example about the product or how it is used. Some products have a separate drawing and an ordering table. Some also have a bills of material table. The ordering table consists of the item number, the item description, its weight and other product-specific dimensions. The catalog is rounded off by a table of contents, a key word directory and an item index. By using crossbase, Reügo has succeeded brilliantly in conquering the challenges posed by collating this multitude of information into a uniform layout and always keeping its published form up to date.

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