KS TOOLS SAS uses the crossbase API to provide data for new online store

Thanks to all its functionality and universality, the crossbase solution was a key driving force in transforming our corporate website into a true, powerful e-commerce tool.

Benjamin Juster
Product Data Manager, KS Tools SAS

Mommenheim, the 31.05.2021: KS TOOLS is an industrial manufacturer of professional hand tools. The European group with branches in France, Germany and Italy offers over 23,000 items in its program. The production is ensured by the best factories that KSTOOLS selects worldwide. The Group is represented in more than 110 countries by branches, exclusive importers and distributors. The business areas include automotive, industrial, construction-related and agricultural.

Central functions of the solution

API connection of a store solution based on Magento

The new store based on Magento receives product information and product hierarchy via crossbase API server. The product information of approx. 20,000 items includes features, descriptive texts and illustrations. The customer has the option of navigating to the items via individual categories or application areas, or to reach the desired item directly via a full-text search. The store transmits orders directly to the ERP system SAP.

Print catalog as basis for data preparation for the store

The store's product categories are maintained via the marketing structure in crossbase PIM. The basis of the marketing structure was the structure of the already existing print catalog with about 600 pages. The entire structure of this print catalog, including the compilation of tables of item variants, was automatically transferred to the marketing structure in a first step. Overview tables with all variants of a product were then generated from print tables.

The marketing structure was then extended in interaction with the API server so that entire sections with categories, subcategories and linked items can be referenced multiple times within the structure. This functionality made it possible to create "cross-references" and significantly reduce the maintenance effort of the structure. In addition to the assortment control of the published items, there is an additional control in crossbase PIM/MAM for releasing individual media files for display with the items.

Solution details

Online Catalog

The application modules and further information

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