InDesign plugin for transparent content tracking in use at COLTENE

Thanks to the new InDesign plug-in from crossbase, we can easily and securely fulfill the requirement to trace all regulatory important content of our products back to the source at any time in all publications.

Michael Riener
Creative Director & Manager DTP, Coltène/Whaledent AG

Altstätten, 03-04-2021: COLTENE operates state-of-the-art development departments and manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, France as well as the USA and Canada. The dental group distributes small and large equipment, as well as chemical and mechanical consumables. COLTENE offers a broad portfolio covering three topics: Infection Control, Tooth Preservation and Treatment Efficiency.

Central functions of the solution

Comprehensive transparency through tracing of publication content

In the future, COLTENE will use crossbase's InDesign plugin for the design and foreign language adaptation of all communication materials. This includes the placement of text and image links managed in the PIM system. The trigger for the use of the plugin was the fact that, especially in the case of regulatory-relevant content, such as USPs or core statements about the product, it must be proven where the content comes from due to regulations.

In order to meet this requirement, corresponding markings can be stored when placing the contents in the InDesign document so that the references can be clearly identified and traced back to the source element in the crossbase database. This creates comprehensive transparency and also enables audits to be carried out easily. Embedding InDesign snippets (e.g. product tables from existing catalogs) is also possible and is also used.

Functions and mode of operation for database-supported creation of documents with creative layout

After installing the plug-in, all contents such as images, texts or even InDesign snippets can be retrieved from the crossbase database in a new palette by means of a connection via the central API server and inserted into the current document with a mouse click. Searches are performed using media item descriptions and in text content.

Text formatting from the database can also be applied if required. The prerequisite for this is that the corresponding paragraph and character styles have been created in the InDesign document beforehand. Placed content such as text and images can also be subsequently updated with a mouse click, so that even manually created documents can be updated with current information from the PIM system at any time.

Likewise, translations can be added later. The texts and images of the desired foreign languages are automatically inserted congruently with the source language on the corresponding language levels. Image data can also be downloaded in low resolution to a local directory in case access to the PIM database may be temporarily unavailable during further processing of the document.

Solution details


The application modules and further information

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