Integration of BIM information in the CAD model

Böblingen, 01.03.2017 :A for everything. One fully integrated database for all media and sales channels. crossbase is the champion of this function, and this also applies to the subject of the Building Information Model (BIM) – in relation to the provision of product data in CAD and BIM formats.


  • As a manufacturer of construction elements and supplier for the building technology sector, you will create a 3D CAD production drawing as normal.
  • For architects and planners, however, less detailed 3D CAD drawings relating to the external geometry and installation dimensions are sufficient. Our partner KiM provides the software required (CADClick) and services for its preparation. A further advantage is that the drawing is CAD-neutral, which means that it can be made available for all standard CAD systems.
  • Additional product features and texts from the PIM system are required for the provision of data in BIM formats – the scope is dependent on the required level of detail.
  • BIM-relevant product information is automatically integrated and constantly updated within the CAD model via the existing crossbase-CADClick interface. In different languages depending on the country. The crossbase-CADClick interface is based on the crossbase API server with REST services to guarantee real-time operation.
  • The resulting files in IFC format contain both the 3D CAD model and manufacturer-specific product features and texts.
  • It is also possible to create mapping between the manufacturer-specific product features and BIM standard classifications. For example, to BIM classifications such as IFC, Uniclass, Omniclass or the widely used industrial classifications such as ECLASS and ETIM, which crossbase has been offering for more than 10 years.

Detailed information / specialist item

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