COLTENE product catalogue created for the first time with crossbase

With crossbase, all information on each product is located at a central location. This guarantees that the content is up-to-date in all output channels - an essential criterion for us in the medical field."

Michael Riener
Creative Director & Manager DTP, Coltène/Whaledent AG

Böblingen, 05-20-2019: COLTENE is an international leader in the development, manufacture and sale of dental consumables and small appliances. The dental group offers a wide range of products in six segments - solutions for almost all dental treatments.

The company has now created the current print catalog "Restoration 2019/2020" for the first time with the crossbase solution. Further catalogs with the corresponding language variants will follow.

Central functions of the solution

Interface to the ERP system SAP

Over 11,000 items are imported daily overnight from SAP into the crossbase database. This is done via an XML interface and contains the product hierarchy, the product data maintained in SAP and the product relationships (parts lists, accessories, kit relationships, packaging components, labels).

Interface to web systems

Agencies are provided with data from the crossbase database via API servers.
These are then used for the website (seven languages), the sales app (competitor comparison) and for data provision for the print data shop.

Data maintenance of product data and media assets in PIM

Over 300 product features are maintained, some of which are calculated by the system. Competitor products are structurally imported and related to Coltène products (Sales App). Texts for the creation of price lists, printed catalogs, or for output via the API interface (e.g. to specify the contents of sets and kits with output of reference information) are generated automatically.

Approx. 6,800 media assets with replacement history for relevant documents are maintained, including for internal distribution via Pictorial elements such as pack shots, vector graphics, videos, product logos and pictograms can be added and then assigned to the product structure or marketing structure. Documents such as user reports, packaging, flyers and brochures are also managed.

Due to the legal framework in the medical field, special attention is paid to the up-to-dateness and release of the data. For example, a journal is used to record changes retroactively for the last five years, which can be viewed at any time.

Functions for Output in the Print Area

Functions used in the production of printed catalogs

Text and media files for manually creating print files in Adobe InDesign are provided through the Easy Print Publishing application module. The creation of price lists takes place fully automatically in interaction between SAP (transfer of customer-specific price lists and catalog ranges) and crossbase (completion of product data via Excel export and production of the price list in Adobe InDesign with crossbase.list).

The solution also creates the product catalog "Restauration 2019/2020" with editorial pages (70 pages with 100% automation). The creation of flow frames and universal tables with automatic table extension and customer-specific table logic (accessory tables) is also used. Matrix tables with automatic table extensions and customer-specific table logic (reference matrix tables) are also produced.

Solution details

The application modules and further information

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