COLTENE implements new online media library with crossbase

With the new Media Library, we can provide all media from the PIM system – authorization-controlled, around the clock and in the required format. The time-consuming manual response to such requests can thus be completely eliminated.

Michael Riener
Creative Director & Manager DTP, Coltène/Whaledent AG

Böblingen, December 8, 2021: COLTENE operates state-of-the-art development departments and manufacturing plants in Switzerland, Germany, France, Canada and the USA. The dental group distributes dental consumables and equipment for dental practices, dental clinics and dental laboratories. COLTENE offers a broad portfolio covering three topics: Infection Control, Tooth Preservation and Treatment Efficiency.

Central functions of the solution

Rights-controlled media delivery

With the new web-based Media Library, a modern portal for the target group-oriented provision of any media was implemented for COLTENE. The layout also offers an optimized display of all functions on all end devices, such as desktop PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Media Library is offered in English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.

All media files referenced externally in the Media Services structure, such as images, videos, and
documents, are made available through the Media Library. The selection of the desired media files can be done via a full-text search with auto-complete – function as well as a categorizing structure and various other filters via categories and keywords. The available filters limit each other based on the current result set, so that there is always at least one hit for each filter search.

For each media element, be it an image, brochure or video, available formats as well as detailed information are offered and videos can be played directly in the browser. If required, the desired format can be downloaded with a mouse click or added to a watch list. The user then has the option of downloading the files individually or collectively in a ZIP archive.

Registered users can be assigned additional permissions and functions after a review by COLTENE. This allows them, for example, to access a more extensive pool of media files and to make the contents of a watch list available to non-registered users via a download link.

IT setup with high availability

By using three external servers to provide the media library, optimal availability and load balancing can be achieved. Since two self-sufficient database servers connected via a reverse proxy are used, data updates as well as software and operating system updates can be carried out without downtime. A hardware defect on one of the database servers is also intercepted by the secondary system. If one of the systems is not available, the session of the currently accessing users is automatically taken over by the secondary system.

Solution details

Media service

The application modules and further information

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