Faster to the desired product with the new asecos configurator

The complete integration into the existing PIM system of crossbase, a modern easy-to-use layout as well as various possibilities for the individual extension of the range of functions were the main focus of the new development and finally the reasons for the selection of crossbase.

Sven Sievers
Head of Product Management & Marketing, asecos GmbH

Gründau, 09.05.2018: The name asecos stands for safety and environmental protection in the handling of hazardous substances and in the storage of hazardous substances and flammable liquids. The product range of the Gründau company extends from safety cabinets to extraction systems and tub systems to the handling of hazardous materials. With its own national companies in the Netherlands, France, Spain and England, area sales managers in other core markets such as Europe, Asia and North America, and a worldwide sales network of specialist dealers and partners, asecos ensures proximity to the market.

Central functions of the solution

Integration of PIM and CMS to create the basis for the configurator

We have completely redeveloped the product configurator and it now has a responsive modern layout and even more configuration and interactive options. The configurator is now displayed perfectly in (currently) 5 languages with 14 country-specific catalog ranges on everything from desktop PCs to smartphones. "The main focus, when redeveloping the product configurator, was to integrate it completely in the existing crossbase PIM system, and give it a modern, user-friendly layout and a wide range of new options for customizing its functional scope. In the end, these were the factors that led us to select crossbase", said Sven Sievers, Product Management & Marketing Department Leader.

Extensive filter functions with item number searches

When the user has selected the required language and the country, with the appropriate country-specific catalog range, (the settings are preselected via geo-location), the user can either call the required items directly by performing an item number search with auto-complete or select different technical properties to filter the cabinets that suit the user's requirements. Some individual filters have explanatory information which can be displayed using tool tips.

During the selection process, the user can see all the filters that have already been selected in an overview, in a bar display, and can also cancel any one of them individually again, at any time. The result is then arranged in panes. The display depends on how much space is available. To optimize the display of filtered elements, you can also quickly display and then hide the filter bar and define the required number of elements per page in the results area.

Detailed product information is then displayed on the item page. This information includes extremely informative pictures and technical data, and also configuration and shipping details, and available documents and CAD drawings. You can either download the available downloads individually or collectively, grouped in a ZIP archive. The item view also has other item relationships, such as alternative items and suitable accessories.

Integrating specialist dealers for the item query

Specialist dealers can use an ID to link to the configurator. This ensures customer inquiries are passed directly to the appropriate specialist dealer. Alternatively, the customer also has the option of selecting a specialist dealer to purchase from during the checkout process. At the end of the inquiry process, the user is sent an e-mail with a list of the requested items.

Easy maintenance of product information and filtering in the back end system

Alongside content such as pictures, videos, documents and texts, the asecos product filter can also be maintained and expanded simply by drag & drop in the PIM system, for each product area and hierarchy level, without programming expertise. This includes defining the sequence, the display form (selection list, checkbox, slider, input file etc.) and groupings, and optional tool tips with information in texts and pictures.

The technology behind it all

The configurator is now completely integrated, using the crossbase CMS and PIM systems. This means that all crossbase functions, such as the translation process and the MAM, can be used, and that all product information is kept up-to-date and made available for use in the configurator at all times, without any additional interfaces. For external access, the website is hosted by an Internet service provider on a high-availability external system.

The application modules and further information

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