TRIXIE creates catalogs in twelve languages with crossbase

The translation process with the web interface at the European partners has simplified the workflow for us enormously. In this way, the translations could be carried out directly in the system and then automatically transferred to the catalogs.

Helge Kunst
IT managers, TRIXIE Heimtierbedarf GmbH & Co. KG

Böblingen, 29-04-2021: As European market leader for pet accessories, TRIXIE regularly supplies more than 8,500 specialist trade customers with around 6,500 items for dogs, cats, birds, small animals, fish and reptiles. The extensive range is exported to 88 countries. The entire logistical support and handling is carried out from the company headquarters in Tarp (Schleswig-Holstein).

This year, TRIXIE produces its annual product catalog with currently 664 pages for the third time with crossbase. A particular challenge here is the creation of the language variants. As the company exports its products to over 88 countries, twelve language versions are created.

Central functions of the solution

Translation workflow with crossbase.web

The translation is carried out directly at the national companies and sales partners with crossbase.web. The translated text fragments are stored directly in the system and no additional software is needed.

Text generation and element placement

The catalog texts are created via text generation. Products and images are placed in an InDesign document with crossbase.print via table templates and finally put into the final layout by the catalog team. The texts are placed in different layers according to the language versions in such a way that printing can be carried out with only one black plate change.

Automated creation of matrix tables

The complex matrix tables, which are also created automatically by the crossbase software, are a particular challenge. The order numbers and the corresponding barcodes are placed according to a defined pattern. Barcodes are also created automatically via

In addition, the catalog for the US market, news brochures and special catalogs are still to be published this year. Production is also carried out with this high level of automation. Layout templates ensure that all catalog pages are implemented in the corporate design. These were implemented with crossbase.layout. Production times have again been significantly reduced by using the templates.

Solution details

The application modules and further information

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