Meusburger creates a catalog of 1,038-pages with crossbase

The automated production of the catalog saves a lot of time. This concerns above all the creation and placement of the extensive tables and the variable handling of the language mixer.

Klaus Nußbaumer
B. Sc. product communication, Meusburger Georg GmbH & Co KG

Böblingen, the 11.xx.2019: The Meusburger Group is the leading international manufacturer of high-quality products for tool, mould and machine construction. The constant availability of all products makes the company a powerful and reliable partner in the industry.

The enormous assortment requires an extensive product catalog. With the crossbase solution, however, the 1,038-page plant could be produced in record time. It was important for Meusburger that a large part of the work is automated. This was especially true for the language mix and the extensive tables. The result is a uniformly structured catalog that was produced in a much shorter time than would have been possible manually.

Central functions of the solution

Multi-lingual product catalog with language mixer

The catalog is bilingual throughout. The positioning of the second language should not always follow the same pattern (e.g. language A on the left and language B on the right), but should be variable. Depending on the structure of the page, the languages were therefore inserted according to a defined rule.

Complex tables with multiple page breaks

The tables in the catalog are very extensive and complex. The cell groupings should be page-based, i.e. a table should extend over several pages or be transferred to a two-column layout. For this purpose, the table was produced with the crossbase print tools and then used in Adobe InDesign. The defined layout determined how the table should be displayed. All adjustments and formatting were automated. In this way, large tables with extensive content could be inserted into the document "at the push of a button".

Solution details

The application modules and further information

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