Dual study

Dual Master's program with crossbase and the KFRU

Are you thinking about a master's degree and do you value practical training? The opportunity to work, earn money and combine this with your education appeals to you?

Together with the Knowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University (KFRU), crossbase offers a two-year, dual master's program.

KFRU, the continuing education foundation at Reutlingen University, offers part-time study and management programs. Renowned lecturers from science and practice train the specialists and managers of tomorrow.

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The procedure

During the practical phases, we make sure that you are taught practical and application-oriented knowledge and get to know the everyday professional life. We attach great importance to good supervision and practical activities, for example by involving them in current customer projects and participation in workshops. A well-founded induction is a matter of course for us.

The study

The duration of the master's program is four semesters. The last semester is used to write the thesis. In addition to your salary, crossbase also covers the costs of your studies.
The place of study is the Herman Hollerith Center Böblingen.

Application procedure

The application period is from April 1 to July 15 of the respective year.Applications are submitted to both KFRU and crossbase. KFRU admission requirements apply.

Detailed information about the master's program:

Further informationKnowledge Foundation @ Reutlingen University
0049 7121 271-9600

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