KS TOOLS GmbH produces catalog with PIM, MAM and cross-media solution from crossbase

Heusenstamm, 15/11/2007: Frankfurt-based KS Tools is a modern tool supplier providing effective solutions and intelligent tools for industrial, automotive and trade customers. Countless users in more than 60 countries rely on the quality, innovation and value for money of KS TOOLS.

Central functions of the solution

Catalogs: between design and automation

KS TOOLS GmbH wanted to exploit automated catalog production not only to increase efficiency, but also to optimize the catalog layout with a view to improving readability. Following a detailed analysis of the existing catalog, a set of templates was drawn up that satisfied both design and automation requirements. The templates were implemented on a rule basis with the crossbase layout editor, and are now being produced in a fully automated process by crossbase.print in conjunction with Adobe InDesign.

Product and index pages designed in flow frame

The catalog, which amounts to over 1400 pages, mainly consists of image, product, and index pages. Products are listed in a clear table format, while other pages provide emotional context, general overview or orientation. To achieve automatic text wrapping on product and image pages, the flow frame technique is used. Items are presented in individual blocks, and continuous wrapping is used at the bottom of the page to create a seamless result.

Creative layout of image pages

Image pages are designed using the 'free design' production type. Images, text and tables are placed at the edge of the working area, allowing the layout specialist to simply move them to the desired position in the page layout. All layout information is then stored in the database, allowing the content and different language variants to be updated automatically. If a section of text, image or price is updated, or if additional languages are produced, the layout is fully retained. In this way, even emotionally focused pages can be integrated in the automated process.

Solution details


The application modules and further information

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