PB Swiss Tools launches new media service based on crossbase CMS

Via the media service, we can provide our partners and customers with documents, images and videos for any use in the best possible quality quickly and easily at any time. The extensive filter options quickly deliver the desired result. This means that the editing of external enquiries by the marketing department can be almost completely eliminated.

Dominik Pfister
Graphic designer, PB Swiss Tools AG

Sumiswald, 11.08.20: PB Swiss Tools AG has been run as a family business since 1878 by the fourth generation. The company is a manufacturer of hand tools, which are 100% developed and manufactured in Switzerland. These include screwdrivers and torque tools as well as impact tools, e.g. for the aerospace industry, chemical industry, machine industry and medical technology. 12 million tools and instruments are produced annually at the sites in Wasen in the Emmental and Sumiswald. More than two thirds of these are exported to over 70 countries worldwide.

Central functions of the solution

Media service with login and watch list

The download area at PB Swiss Tools website has been replaced by an extensive media service and now offers a modern, responsive layout. This ensures an optimized display of all functions on all end devices, such as desktop PC, tablet or smartphone. The media service is offered in German and English.

All externally available media files such as images, videos and documents are made available via the crossbase media service. The selection of the desired media files can be done via a full-text search with auto-complete function as well as a categorizing structure and various other filters via categories and keywords. The available filters limit each other based on the current result set, so that there is always at least one hit for each filter search.

Available formats and detailed information are offered for every media element, be it an image, brochure or video. Images can be displayed in an enlarged view and videos can be played directly in the browser. If required, the desired format can be downloaded directly or added to a watch list. The user then has the option of downloading the files individually or collectively in a ZIP archive.

Registered users can be assigned further authorizations if necessary after a check by PB Swiss Tools. This allows them to access product information on the media elements in addition to a more extensive pool of media files. For users without access to protected areas, an individual watch list can also be compiled and made available for a defined period of time via a download link. In this way, individual requests from users without appropriate authorizations can also be dealt with efficiently and flexibly.

The technology behind it all

By using the CMS and the PIM by crossbase, the media service is completely integrated. Thus, all functionalities of crossbase, such as the translation process and the internal MAM, can be used. All product information is thus available at any time without the need for additional interfaces. The website is hosted on an external system at an Internet Service Provider.

Solution details

Media service

The application modules and further information

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