Website at is enriched with product information via crossbase API server

The API server offers us maximum flexibility for distributing our centrally maintained product information. In addition to the connection of ERP and CRM, daily updated product data with texts, images, documents, etc. can now be automatically provided for our website.

Anja Mahler
Head of Communication and Global Marketing, MOBILE GmbH

Lauda-Königshofen, MOBILE GmbH has established itself worldwide as a specialist for explosion-proof and extremely resilient mobile communication devices and as a leader in innovation. MOBILE develops and markets devices that are precisely tailored to the requirements of customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, petroleum processing and other demanding industries. Proof of the high quality and safety of the products is provided by approval procedures based on European and numerous global standards.

Central functions of the solution

Data preparation in the PIM system

Product data is maintained in the PIM system for transfer to the website in the form of "device sets". In addition to the technical specifications of the devices (smartphones, cell phones, tablets, etc.), these contain information on the device-specific approvals, the battery, and links to other set components that are included in the scope of delivery (e.g. charging cable, adapter, operating instructions, etc.).

The maintenance structure lists the individual items, including the components of the parts list, device-specific spare parts (housing, camera, etc.), device-specific accessories (battery, leather cases, etc.) but also neutral accessories and spare parts such as headsets or screwdrivers. In addition, image data and textual descriptions are maintained for device sets, which relate directly to the set (product photo of the packaging box). Various documents such as data sheets and manuals, which are to be created in the future via print production with crossbase, will also be linked there. This allows them to be provided on the website in the context of the device sets as well as in the download area.

Equipment sets are provided with approvals, as products are "mobile, explosion-proof communication devices for rugged industrial use". The items are also region-specific. Therefore, the regions are linked to the corresponding item variants. Admissions per region or country are maintained in a separate admission structure via admission types. These include certificates, such as certificates of conformity or type examination certificates. The "Approvals per device set" managed for the approval types are supplemented with further certificates and receive textual descriptions, such as the type of approval and a description. Once an approval has been "applied for", it can already be maintained in the PIM system. If the status changes to "approved", it is possible to sell the device set. If the requested approval does not comply with the regulations, it can also be set to the status "rejected".

API data transfer for product and download area of the website

Data export to third-party systems such as ERP, CRM system and website is done via the API server. A sales text is generated for the ERP system by specifying an item ID, taking into account the maintained and valid approvals, set components and other, also country-specific, product information. The item information maintained in the PIM system is transferred to a CRM and Typo3 system and output directly on the website.

Change data, text and image information as well as approvals and price data are provided for CRM. For the website, all relevant product information such as features, texts and media files are provided by an automated export. The media files are even updated twice a day by a delta export. This means that customers always receive up-to-date and verified information on the products and can download all documents such as operating instructions and approvals in the download area.

Solution details


The application modules and further information

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