A good team: PIM and BIM at CREATON GmbH

The interaction of the crossbase database and CadClick opens up completely new possibilities of data preparation and provision. Through the permanent exchange between the systems, we can ensure that all data is always up to date, everywhere.

Robert Einbock
Marketing Manager, BIM, Database Publishing, CREATON GmbH

Böblingen, 06-03-2020: For companies using BIM (Building Information Modeling) systems, the provision of the necessary data is a significant competitive factor. How can a large data quantity be transferred to third-party systems in the appropriate formatting? How is the data always kept up-to-date?
The ideal solution is obvious: a connection with the Product Information Management (PIM). The crossbase software solution enables such cooperation and is used for this purpose, for example, at CREATON GmbH:

Central functions of the solution

Automatic interface between crossbase and CADClick

An automatic interface between crossbase and CADClick (KIM GmbH - Member of 4PACE) was implemented to anchor the interaction between the PIM and BIM systems.
This allows the BIM models created in CADClick to be enriched and/or parameterized with product data from the crossbase database. Defined BIM formats are then automatically generated, which are assigned to the products in crossbase and referenced there in the product structure. These can then be output to the various output channels, such as online stores, portals, etc., together with all other product information.

API interface

For this purpose, an API interface by crossbase was developed which cyclically determines the relevant items and checks them for changes regarding BIM-relevant data. If required, a web service of CADClick is called via delta logic and the returned BIM files are imported into the crossbase database where they are referenced to the corresponding products.

Language and detail variants

It is possible to query the BIM files in different languages, output formats and levels of detail. These are referenced in crossbase as additional files on the product.

Variable use of product information when generating the BIM files

Product data from crossbase are either used as parameters that directly influence the generated BIM files (e.g. height or color of the model) or can be included in the BIM models as additional descriptive information.

Solution details


Display of a generated IFC file with additional descriptive information from crossbase.


BIM files with a level of detail of 100-500 for a product. In addition to the item number, the color and dimensions (height, depth, thickness) are parameterized.


BIM files in the languages DE and EN and the file formats IFC and JPG to a level of detail.

The application modules and further information

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