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API server

Access PIM data with third-party applications over the Internet, Intranet, and desktop

The crossbase API Server (Application Programming Interface) offers a flexible way to access data in the crossbase database in third-party systems. These accesses remain independent of changes to the underlying data model. With relatively little effort, software developers can write programs that retrieve data from the crossbase database.


With the API server, all data in the database can be queried and used in third-party applications. The API server is further developed by crossbase to ensure releaseability. This ensures that all queries remain functional in the future.


The data objects are configured on the basis of a framework to suit the customer-specific use case. In this way, any database queries can be quickly and efficiently implemented and extended.

API cache

The API cache can be used to store data in the memory of the API server. This way, they are made available faster in the event of a request. This module is particularly recommended for data objects that require complex queries and would therefore result in longer response times in operation without an API cache.

Typo3 connector

The API server optionally offers a connector for data exchange between the crossbase-PIM and the content management system TYPO3. This allows product data to be easily retrieved within an existing TYPO3 installation and displayed on the website.

REST services

The API server provides a REST interface that can be used by third-party applications. The result is transmitted in JSON format. The enquiries can be sent via both HTTP and HTTPS.


This option allows the module to secure access to the API server using SSL and authentication tokens. This means that connections outside the internal network can also be reliably secured.

CAD/BIM component catalog with PIM data

In connection with the component catalog of our partner KiM, CAD or BIM files with PIM data can be provided for designers and architects. The required PIM data is made available via an interface. This allows BIM formats such as IFC consisting of CAD drawings and PIM data to be generated directly from the crossbase database.

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