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Workflow management

Target group-specific accesses for data maintenance

When maintaining data and producing media, product managers, editors, translators, graphic designers and layout specialists work hand in hand. With the integrated workflow module, the work process is supported in a structured manner for all participants by means of a configurable task list and completeness check.

Traffic light switching

The traffic light switching was developed for the requirements of layouters. Changes in data maintenance are reported and their effects on existing catalog pages are displayed in color. The layouter can view all changes in detail if required and recognizes at a glance which pages need to be checked and updated.

Task list

Customer-specific events in the data maintenance process can trigger notifications to users. Corresponding tasks are collected in a task list. With a mouse click, the user is taken from the task list to the corresponding dialog and can maintain the missing information quickly and easily.

Completeness profiles / progress indicator

Mandatory fields and TARGET fields can be configured via completeness profiles. These profiles can be assigned to any objects and evaluated according to their progress. The field content can be attributes, image categories, text types and relationship types. You can also specify for each field which output medium it refers to and who is responsible for maintenance. On this basis, reports can be generated in the form of output and persons responsible for data maintenance can be notified.


crossbase offers an established and integrated solution for document and file-based collaboration. Files can be sent to external users for review at the mouse click. The data can then be checked for content, legal and design criterion. The documents can be annotated, released and returned via a web browser. The changes can be tracked at any time and transferred back to the crossbase database.

Preview with InDesign

Product managers or editors can request a preview of a product or a page flow as a PDF file at the touch of a button. The previews are created on the server and are based on the current product data. Missing content and text overflows can be quickly captured using color-coded areas.

Integrated product preview

With the product preview option, product data is displayed consolidated in a configured dialog. Product managers thus receive a simple and quick overview of the completeness and maintenance progress of products.

Freezing Publications

This option offers an extended range of functions for the management of print publications. Catalog stands that have been checked and released are frozen. This means that all components of the publication in a language-country combination are blocked with regard to changes by continuous data maintenance. For reprints, past statuses can be corrected and extended without affecting the current data.

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