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Catalog management

Market-specific catalogs – meeting the needs of countries, branches of industry and target groups.

Due to increasing internationalization, the requirements for market-specific printed, online and electronic catalogs are constantly increasing. Catalog management offers the possibility of creating market- and country-specific catalog ranges and price lists and taking them into account in automated media production.

Market-specific assortments

Catalog ranges can be created market-specifically for each medium, country and even customer. The creation of the catalog range is optimally supported by mass processing as well as by search and comparison functions for items. Catalog ranges can also be imported from the ERP system and adapted in the PIM system if required.

Market-specific price lists

Price lists are imported from the ERP system that may differ in currency, validity, and market. A market may comprise a country or a single customer. Price lists can contain arbitrarily definable price data such as gross price, net price and discount groups up to quantity-dependent scaled prices.

Virtual catalog ranges views

Structures can be displayed filtered according to selected catalog ranges to make country-specific maintenance easier with these virtual views. Only those items are displayed in the structure that are contained in the currently set catalog range.

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