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Data import Excel

Easily import Excel files from internal sources or from suppliers

crossbase offers a graphical user interface to analyze the structure of Excel files and to connect columns with database fields. Transformation rules for automated transformations can be applied. These settings can be saved and applied to similar Excel files.

Import of Excel files

Product data is often available in Excel format. For example, because suppliers provide corresponding files for merchandise, or because product data is processed internally in Excel. There are two ways to import data into the PIM system: Either the files are prepared for the standard import format of crossbase or a connection to the database fields is established via a graphical user interface.

Field mapping

After the analysis, the columns of a selected Excel file are displayed. These can then be assigned to specific information types in the crossbase database. This means that information that does not correspond to the crossbase import formats can also be imported automatically.

Transformation rules

Contents of a column can be transformed according to rules. Text parts can be replaced, removed, added or numbers converted using formulas. This means that even large data quantities can be quickly and easily adapted for import into the PIM system.

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