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Database base module

One fully integrated database for all media and sales channels.

The crossbase software solution is based on an Oracle database and includes an embedded software license. This enables optimum system integration, easy administration and flexible usage, without those responsible for IT having to deal with organizational or technical details.

Fully integrated central database

The crossbase software solution is based on a fully integrated central database. This covers all data structures for the applications PIM, MAM and CMS with the rejections into printed and digital channels. Thus, each sales channel and market can be served from a single data source and an enormous simplification of work processes can be achieved.


The maintenance of information in PIM, MAM and CMS results in large data quantity, which are multiplied by the various sales channels and catalogs. In order to handle these data quantities efficiently, crossbase uses the latest Oracle databases from version 19c.

Unicode support

crossbase is based on the Unicode standard for data storage. This means that texts can be maintained in any language. Among others also in Asian languages, Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi.


The database can be operated both on a physical and virtualized machine and is installed by crossbase. The number of CPUs, installations and users is unlimited. The Oracle database from crossbase may only be used to operate the crossbase software. For further information on licensing, please refer to point 17 of the General Terms and Conditions.


If desired, crossbase can take over the maintenance of the database system. This includes the regular installation of updates and system checks (workloads, checking of log files, testing of the network connection and, if necessary, further individually coordinated checks).

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