Translation management

The crossbase translation process that is fluent in all languages

All countries and languages can be managed with crossbase. Each language-specific text and each language-specific media file are monitored in a perfect translation workflow. The basis for this is the version-synchronous maintenance of translations and the text status per translation, which is managed directly in the crossbase application or is optionally made available for agencies and international subsidiaries. Text is made available in an Excel format or in a format that is suitable for TMS (Translation Memory System).

You can find references on using the translation module here: Examples of best practice: translation

Main module

Module description

Product communication can be made available rapidly in all markets with a standardized, database-driven translation process. The text can be translated directly in the crossbase database and designated with a text status.

Reduce untranslated text

Recurring text modules only have to be translated once. This ensures a consistent text, prevents duplicate work and greatly reduces translation costs.

Accurately determine translation requirement

The translation module can determine the exact amount of untranslated text. This means that only texts that still need to be translated or are tagged for resubmission are exported. Furthermore, this analysis can also be limited, for example, to the translation of one publication or to the online catalog.

Comprehensive internationalization

All the world's languages can be represented using Unicode and OpenType fonts. Since the texts are saved in XML format, the structuring and formatting are retained throughout the entire translation workflow.

Language and country prioritization

The basic crossbase concept allows users to prioritize country-specific languages. In other words, not all language/country variants have to be stored in full, just the specific deviations. This concept avoids up to 98% of such translation volumes.

Tools for in-house translators

The tools integrated in crossbase can be used to translate all kinds of texts. When working with continuous texts, the translator can compare text versions and display their changes by means of the text colour or add existing translations, e.g. from the terminology database. Bulk translation in a table is available for short, single-line texts. The workflow module also allows the translator to filter texts which have not yet been translated using the completeness check.

Optional modules

TMS / Excel interface

The untranslated text can be determined exactly and exported for translation agencies or international subsidiaries. The data is exported in XLIFF format for translation memory systems (TMS) such as across or SDL Trados, or in Excel. Only texts without translations and texts tagged for resubmission are taken into consideration. In the case of print publications, the corresponding PDF documents can also be exported and linked as visual aids for translation.

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