Provision of data for e-commerce applications and trading partners

For trading partners and electronic distribution channels you need electronic catalogs in a structured and standardised form. These catalogs contain product information such as product hierarchy, product features, images, text and prices. In an electronic catalog you can define customer-specific catalog ranges, assign the appropriate price list, choose the selection of data, and generate the format with a single click.

You can find references on using the data export module here: Examples of best practice: Data export

Main module

Module description

One of the most important tasks of crossbase is to make data available for online catalogs, shops, third-party systems, trading partners and portals. This involves creating electronic catalogs, establishing the catalog range and if necessary the price list, defining the format and mapping the fields to the content in the database.

Display any XML formats

Since the structure for XML formats can be configured flexibly, crossbase works with a wide range of formats. This means that existing formats can be added to and new formats can be implemented at any time.

XML mapping

Trading partners, portals and other sales channels need individual content. In crossbase, any format can be set up in terms of data selection for a specific customer, or to be more exact a specific catalog.

Optional modules

Web interface with myXML format

Individual XML formats can be flexibly added to the crossbase database. An export corresponding to the specifications will be derived from defined XML structures for this purpose. The framework makes available many structures for web interfaces.

Tablet interface

The crossbase media viewer app or external tablet applications can be synchronized via the tablet interface. To do this, XML data and all modified media files are transferred and the local tablet database is updated.

Excel configurator

The Excel configurator allows the user to put together individual Excel exports to export product information from the crossbase database and create a defined item list. The required content is selected in a series of user-friendly dialogs, so even non-experts can configure and perform a complex Excel export in a few easy steps. The following product information is available for export:

BMEcat format

The BMEcat format 1.2 or 2005 is comprehensively supported by crossbase. The content to be shared can be configured for specific customers (this is known as XML mapping). If necessary, user-defined extensions can be used to adapt the format beyond the standard.

Classifications (eCl@ss, ETIM, UNSPSC, profiCl@ss)

The eCl@ss (version 4.0 and higher), ETIM (version 2.0 and higher), UNSPSC (version 7.0 and higher) and profiCl@ss (version 2.0 and higher) classifications are fully supported by crossbase. Because product content managed by manufacturers does not correspond to these standard classifications, crossbase allows you to reconcile features and catalog groups in a process known as classification mapping.

GAEB XML format

The GAEB format is an XML-based format found especially in the construction industry which allows individual partners involved in the build to swap data. It can also be used to provide invitation to tender texts for platforms such as ausschreiben.de.


DATANORM is a standard process for sharing item or master data which is primarily used in the installation and construction trades. Versions 4 and 5 are of relevance here. ELDANORM is similar to DATANORM but is mainly used in the electrical trade; the relevant versions are 5/90E and 1/96. crossbase can prepare product data in these formats.

nexMart format

The nexMart portal is a business-to-business platform for trading in industries such as tools, hardware, ironware, timber, garden tools and technical requirements. crossbase is nexMart-certified and can prepare customized product data for nexMart.

EZ-base format

EZ-base is a web-based platform for the ironware industry in the Netherlands which brings together customers and suppliers dealing with construction and industry. For optimum item searches, there is a classification consisting of chapters, main groups, sub-groups and item groups. crossbase supports this format and enables customer-specific configuration of the content.

SABIO format

SABIO is a knowledge base used in customer service. The relevant product information is clearly displayed in HTML format for quick reference. crossbase provides an XML standard interface for SABIO to transfer this product information. This single-source connection makes it possible to avoid redundancies in data maintenance and increase data quality.

ARGE Neue Medien

ARGE Neue Medien is the operator of the SHK industry portal (sanitary, heating and air-con). There is a defined XML/CSV interface for the provision of item master data that is supported by crossbase, including amongst other things the data types for the header data, item, group and copy texts.

CAD/BIM component format

The CAD / BIM component catalog from our partner KiM provides designers and architects with the ability to access CAD or BIM files. crossbase makes the necessary PIM data available via an interface. For example, there is the option of generating BIM formats such as IFC consisting of CAD drawing plus PIM data directly from the crossbase database.

Fabory format

Fabory ("Masters in Fasteners"), a subsidiary of major US company Grainger based in the Netherlands, is a world leader in fasteners and tools. With crossbase, manufacturers can share product data electronically in the special Fabory format.

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