Access PIM data online using third-party applications – e.g. for Intranet, Internet and desktop applications

Using the API server, third-party applications can obtain read or write access to the data in the crossbase database. Product data, media files, texts and translations as well as the terminology database can be accessed, for example. crossbase thus ensures compatibility between the interfaces and database.

You can find references on using the API server here: Examples of best practice: Data export

Main module

Module description

The crossbase API (Application Programming Interface) server provides a flexible way of accessing data in the PIM – regardless of changes to the underlying crossbase data module. The interface can be used by experienced software developers to write programs with relatively little time and effort that read data from the PIM database.


The API server allows all data in the database to be queried and evaluated autonomously. The API server is maintained by crossbase to ensure that queries remain compatible (unlike direct SQL queries).


Access can be limited via authentication tokens and transmission safeguarded via SSL/TLS.


The data objects are configured according to the customer-specific application based on the framework.

Optional modules

REST services

The API server provides a REST interface that can be used by third-party applications. The enquiries can be sent via both HTTP and HTTPS. The REST services are configured on a customer-specific basis according to requirements and can be flexibly extended.


This module enables general access to the API server via SSL and authentication tokens.

API cache

The API cache enables data to be held in the API server memory so that this can be made available quickly in the event of a query. This module is particularly suitable for data objects that are complex to acquire and would therefore lead to much longer response times without the API cache in operation.

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